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No BS. No gimmicks. No endless scrolling through indistinguishable products. We pared back our line to just the essentials, creating a system of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train.

FLOW: when you're in a state of flow, everything becomes possible.

We believe that flow is all about being in the ultimate state of mind, whether you're experiencing it in sports or life. The flow of a free-thinking athlete without inhibition or restraint. It's the natural movement of an artist without restrictions to his creativity - unrestricted by forces external to himself (or herself). And it starts with finding it.

And that is what we are here for, as athletes and artists ourselves.

We are passionate about creating the best workout and training gear possible that allow people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds to live their fullest lives without limitations. Wearing FLOW is a lifestyle choice that makes you feel good on your inside as well as out.


Frank Thompson

Professional Athlete

Great material - extremely comfortable and durable but easy to manoeuvre. Will be buying more pairs.

Lewis Todd

Professional Athlete

Comfortable, stretchy, and I noticed they improved the side pocket zipper which is great.

Nick Holmes


The Foundation short has been a great benefit to my training. The material is heavy duty and great for those gritty workouts with burpees, dumbbells, or a barbell. These shorts do not get in the way. They became one with my body during my workout. I'm hooked