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Busy day? Grab your activewear and a half hour for these fast workouts

We all have busy days. Whether you're having a stressful time at work or you have a lot going on in your home life, taking the leisure of an hour at the gym doesn't always fit into your day. So, what can you do to get those endorphins pumping in just a half-hour break? Stick your activewear on, warm-up, and give these quick workouts ago:


Bodyweight exercise circuits

If you can't get to the gym, working out at home can be a perfectly acceptable replacement with the right routine. Using your body weight and movement, you can get your heart rate up without carving a significant amount of time out of your day.

Of course, you can customise your routine however you want, but standing squats, high knees and ab workouts are all exercises you can do in your living room to break a sweat.

Bodyweight exercises may be less intensive than your usual routine, but it's important to leave a little time aside for warmups and cooldowns to get the most out of your short sessions. That still leaves you with 20 minutes or so to get active before you get ready for the rest of your day.


Jump on an Instagram Live workout

Many personal trainers or influencers host online workouts that are available during the day to get you moving.

The modern-day version of old-school exercise tapes, these workouts provide all the structure you need condensed into a short window. This gives you all the benefits of an instructor without the time spent getting to and from the gym. Is no one online right now?

YouTube is packed full of pre-recorded workouts for you to try out. Find something you love, and you've got the perfect go-to for days where you have a short window to get that exercise in.


Give a yoga routine a go

Are you feeling stressed and rushed off your feet? Yoga may be more on the side of gentle exercise, but it's good for your mind as well as your body. Unless you're doing power moves, you're also less likely to break a sweat, which is excellent if you need to head right back into work or hop on an online meeting immediately after.

Plenty of yoga routines are available on YouTube. So, if you're after an oasis of calm that stretches out your body in all the right ways, grab some activewear and get yourself ready for some gentle, calming exercise that can easily fit into the average lunch hour or short break.


Go for a run

Jogging and running are excellent ways to improve your health, whether you prefer to pound the pavement or hop on the treadmill.

With the ability to go at your own pace, you can set up a half-hour-long route that neatly takes you from A to B. The added benefit of outdoor running is getting away from your desk or out of the house for at least twenty minutes or so, providing you with fresh air and some much-needed perspective. In terms of equipment and gear, running is one of the most straightforward options out there.

So, put on your favourite activewear, grab a bottle of water and your phone, and get going. With no set-up required or additional travel needed, getting your exercise in is easy with your own two feet and a good pair of trainers. Are you looking for activewear that fits into your lifestyle? Flow is the place to start.

Browse our range of running shorts, tops and more online today to find the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.

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