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Benefits of having a workout buddy

Exercise can sometimes feel like a chore - boring, tedious, and not something you are motivated to do. It can also feel a little daunting and overwhelming for those starting a new workout routine, wondering where to start and what to do.

Having a workout buddy can vastly improve your exercise experience, turning it from a chore to something more enjoyable! There are so many benefits in recruiting a workout buddy. So grab your gym shorts or training shorts and carry on reading to learn more.

Gyms become less intimidating

If you have never been to a gym before, it can be quite an intimidating experience to walk into one for the first time all alone. You feel like everyone is looking at you thinking, "who's this newbie?". It can be enough to turn some people away without even giving it a try! Going there with a friend makes it far less intimidating. You feel like you have someone with you who is on your side, someone supportive, and you can turn the session into not just a workout but a friendly catch up as well.

Helps keep you motivated

It can be tricky maintaining motivation for your workout routine. Sometimes it's too easy to think, "Oh, I'll just do it tomorrow instead...". But then tomorrow comes and you put it off again. Having a workout buddy to prompt you and kick your butt into gear is great for the motivation. Setting up workout dates can also help you stay on track because it means you have scheduled a time for your workout, like you would schedule a coffee date, so it makes you less likely to cancel. Plus exercising with someone else is more fun than exercising solo, and if something is fun, you're more likely to keep wanting to do it.

Spot buddy

It's always important to have a spot buddy, especially at a gym or when you are weight training. Though exercise is good for you, it doesn't come without risk of injury. Having someone else with you to make sure you are okay during your workout decreases the risk of injury and makes you feel overall safer. If you like walking outdoors, it's also always safer to have a buddy with you.

Friendly competition

There's nothing like some friendly competition to keep you pushing, striving towards your next goal. Friendly competition can be quite healthy for us. It encourages us to try harder to be the absolute best we can be, and can even motivate you to workout on your own in between workout dates with your buddy, so that you can show off your improvements.


Broaden your mind

Having a workout buddy can introduce you to things you may not have discovered, or may have shied away from, on your own. Like the gym, exercise classes can seem intimidating. Perhaps you've always wanted to try yoga but dread being the newbie in class. Or perhaps you had never heard of spin class, or a boot camp in your local area, or water aerobics.

Recruiting a workout buddy is a great way to improve your exercise experience. Not only does it make exercise more fun, but it helps you stay motivated and on track, keeps you safer and helps you feel better equipped to step outside your comfort zone. Plus, having a workout buddy means you have someone to show off your new Flow Activewear to. Check out the FLOW store today and find the best activewear for men and women, those perfect running shorts or sports shorts, and then get out there and work

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