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How To Find The Right Workout Clothes For You

Getting the most out of your workout routine is all about consistency and technique. Whether you're working on your core or weight training, these are two of the main factors for success.

However, one of the fastest, easiest and most often overlooked ways of improving your performance during a workout is the right choice of outfit. Too many people seem to opt for ill-fitting fabrics and baggy gym shorts that do nothing but hamper their workout efforts.

To remedy this, we are going to discuss how to find the right workout clothes for you so that you can get the most out of your workout sessions.

Think about the right fabrics

The right type of material can make or break your level of comfort during and after a workout. A light and breathable fabric is ideal for most workouts as it keeps you cool and will allow for moisture-wicking. If you're looking at sports shorts for men, there are a lot of fantastic breathable fabrics that contain polypropylene.

If you will be sweating a lot during your workout, you don’t want to wear a pair of gym shorts that will soak up your sweat as they will weigh you down, feel uncomfortable and make it harder for you to keep cool. Polypropylene is, once again, a great material for this as it will not absorb any moisture.

Things to avoid would be thick cotton, rubber and other non-breathable materials. If you wear some thick cotton training shorts during a workout, you will be uncomfortable in a matter of minutes. So think about the right type of fabric - it should be breathable, non-absorbent and light.

Avoid ill-fitting outfits

Getting the right size of clothing for your workout will help tremendously with comfort, breathability and flexibility. If your running shorts are too tight, you risk chafing and all sorts of discomfort that should best be avoided. Similarly, if your favourite black running shorts are too loose-fitting they can get in the way of your exercise and cause discomfort.

If you are running for an extended period of time or cycling, it's wise to steer clear of loose-fitting bottoms as they can get caught in your bike or cause you to fall while moving. If your workouts focus on flexibility, try to use stretchy clothing that you can breathe in like lycra.

Consider the climate

The best workout clothes for men and women will change depending on the climate that they are in. Just like when you wear a winter coat during the colder months, your workout gear will need to adapt to different weather conditions.

During the heat of summer, the biggest considerations for workout clothes will be breathability and sweat-wicking. Always look for materials that will keep you cool, comfortable and do not hinder your movement.

When things get chilly, it will take a little bit of refining to get the best workout clothing for your needs. Keep your breathable clothing on as an inner layer, with thicker insulated clothing as an outer layer that can be removed as you warm up.

Dress for success

Finding the right workout clothes for you can help enormously with gains during a session, and encourage you to go back out and commit to another workout. Maximising your comfort levels during a session can really help you push yourself to the next level. Just remember to focus on the right materials, fit and dressing appropriately for the climate.

If you would like to know more about the best type of exercise gear, such as finding the best running shorts for runners, then check out our other blogs for the latest fitness information and advice.

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