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New to running? Here's how to pick the right kit

Don't fancy spending your exercise time at the gym? Love the idea of taking in the scenery while you get those feel-good endorphins? Then it may have occurred to you to give running a try. Whether you're looking to build up your stamina or you want the right kit of longer runs, we've covered all you need to know. Here's how to pick the right kit to make the most of your running time:

Make sure you invest in the right size bottoms

You might be able to get away with an oversized shirt when you pound the pavement, but your bottoms are something else entirely. No one wants to be pulling their joggers up every five minutes or feel their shorts slipping with every step. Good quality training shorts and running shorts should fit your waist correctly, with elastic that keeps everything in place no matter how rigorous your run.

Spend time finding trainers that support you best

The proper footwear is more important when you're running than it is anywhere else. Not everyone's feet are built the same, and what may suit one runner will be painful for the other. Invest in high-quality trainers that fit you, and don't be afraid to try a few shapes and arches out to see what works best to make your running experience easier. Without this vital bit of kit, running will be a far more difficult task.

Pick moisture-wicking materials for year-round comfort

Multi-purpose workout gear is the name of the game, especially if you're out running in all weathers. Proper training shorts and tops will have moisture-wicking properties. Unlike cotton, they also stay relatively lightweight when wet. Making it just as easy to run on the hottest days of the year as it is during seasonal downpours. Invest in suitable materials, and you'll be able to get the best exercise no matter what the weather is like.

Opt for darker colours if you go off-road

If you prefer to run off the beaten track, investing in black running shorts and dark-coloured gear is always a good move. All it takes is one patch of mud to send specks of dirt all over your pristine white shorts, and you're left with a stain that isn't that easy to get out. A dark coloured kit is the best bet for longevity if you prefer the grass and mud over your typical road or pavement.

Invest in a few quality pieces instead of a large running collection

It may be tempting to go overboard on the running kit, but buying for quality is always your best bet. You want your running gear to last as long as possible and to look just as good no matter how many washes and wears you get out of it. Investing carefully in practical pieces that will last is an excellent way to start your workout kit collection. A few tops, a couple of pairs of shorts and some quality sports socks are perfect foundations for your kit.

Combine shorts with anti-chafe cream to make each run better than the last

The dreaded runner's chafe is something every exercise-lover encounters at some point or other. Whether it's due to too-short shorts or too-loose clothing, chafing is a painful reminder of improper kit. For double security, combine suitable running shorts with some quality chafing cream to ensure you're left fresh and clear after your run. No painful redness or ungainly legs-apart walking necessary. Looking for the best way to get stuck into running? Our sports shorts for men are an excellent place to start. Browse our range of workout gear online today to begin building your running kit collection

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