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Why wearing the right performance gear is important when running

Running is such a common exercise and it's well known that there are many health benefits that come with this activity. But you may not have known that wearing the right gear can improve and enhance those benefits.

Injury Prevention

Running is actually a type of weight-bearing exercise as our feet are carrying the weight of our entire body. This makes it a great exercise for strengthening joints, bones and muscles. However, it is important to make sure you maintain the correct posture and style, while also wearing the right gear to prevent injury and to also aid in recovery if an injury is present. Proper activewear, such as running shorts or gym shorts, offer support and compression to muscles. This helps stabilise muscles and joints, and can soften the impact of muscle vibrations as your feet hit the ground, in turn preventing muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is what often leads to injury.

Improve Your Performance

Exercising with goals is a great way to stay motivated and it feels awesome when you achieve a new personal record. There are lots of goals you can set when running such as adding extra distance or time to your run, completing your normal run faster than the time before, or finally running up that hill you've been avoiding. The best running shorts for runners will offer compression and support properties, which can help to increase blood flow to the area, which increases oxygen flow, which then improves muscle function and overall performance.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Sweating is a part of exercise. But wearing clothing that doesn't adequately absorb the sweat can lead to irritated skin and can also impede performance. Sweaty clothing can weigh you down, creating a lag effect to your running movement. Proper activewear will be made from breathable material that will help regulate body temperature, drawing moisture away from your skin and allowing it to dry quickly. Breathable material is one of the key factors to look for when choosing the best workout clothes for men and women.

Feel Comfortable

Activewear is designed to be comfortable when working out. Comfortable running shorts are vital as they will prevent chafe and sweat while allowing for better range of motion. Baggy clothes can interfere with your natural movement and get in the way, causing you to adopt an incorrect style that could leave you more prone to injury. Activewear is form fitting and allows for a much safer range of motion. When you're comfortable, you can give all your attention to your workout and will enjoy the activity much more.

More Durable

If you workout a lot, you need clothes that are going to go the distance with you. You don't want to be replacing clothing after only wearing them a few times. Plus, you are going to be washing your workout clothes after each use and regular washing can often weaken, stretch or otherwise damage your clothing. Activewear, however, is designed to handle the wear and tear of a solid workout, as well as regular washing and drying. In the long run, buying proper activewear will save you time and money.

Exercise is so important for overall health and there are several things you can do to make it a more efficient experience. Investing in the right activewear is one of those things. So why not give it a try and see the benefits for yourself? Flow Activewear has such a broad, affordable range to choose from and you will be sure to find something suitable to your needs. Check it out today! Your body will love and thank you for it.

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