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Top 10 biceps exercises for men

For athletes who throw, toss, or swing, strong biceps and forearms are essential. Exercises that strengthen your biceps can also benefit your general health since you'll increase your bone density and achieve aerobic benefits at the same time as strengthening your muscles. Plus, defined biceps look great! Let's check out the top 10 bicep exercises for men.


Incline dumbbell hammer curl


With incline bench workouts, you stretch your biceps and lock your body against the bench, so you can't cheat by rocking backward during repetitions. The benefit of hammers is that they are less stressful on your wrists and elbows than other curls.


Barbell curl


There is no doubt about it; this is a classic. Performing only this movement in your biceps workout would still be beneficial to you. It is, of course, possible to vary your grip width during this exercise, which is likely to help reduce the discomfort experienced by some individuals when using a barbell while also emphasising different parts of the biceps muscles. The short head of the muscle will be highlighted by a narrower grip, while a wider grip will highlight the long head.


Dumbbell biceps curl


A classic as well! With dumbbells, you can freely rotate your wrists and forearms, which helps to build muscle.


Incline inner-biceps curl


You can stretch the long head of the biceps with this exercise. When you exercise on a horizontal bench, you will stretch the muscle's long head the most. The biceps muscle is truly isolated with this exercise, so it is great to add to your isolation routine!


Hammer curl


Our strongest curl will usually be the hammer during a biceps workout. This is because all of the elbow flexors are active, and the forearm and wrist are in a power position. This movement should be performed like a concentration curl or preacher curl (on the preacher bench) to minimise cheating and enhance muscle recruitment.


EZ-bar curl


The EZ-bar curl is often considered the best all-around exercise for building biceps. For some people, it's more comfortable than a straight barbell on their joints and forearms since it works both short and long heads of the biceps!


Standing concentration dumbbell curl


Concentration curls involve bending the elbow and rotating the shoulder while the arm is in front of the body. In addition to reducing recruitment of long head muscles, it may increase biceps thickness by better recruiting surrounding muscles during your workout. To burn out a few more repetitions, use your free hand on your off leg to support your body weight when you reach failure.


Wide-grip standing barbell curl


There is no doubt that this is one of the more common methods of hitting this muscle group. By using a wider grip, you will cause your shoulder to externally rotate, causing your upper arm to change position, which stimulates the short head of the biceps to work harder. With the help of bands, chains, or a partner, you can overload during your workouts, which is difficult with just a dumbbell.


Zottman curl


Holding a dumbbell in each hand, you take a palms-up (supinate) grip on the way up and a palms-down (pronate) grip on the way down, so all your elbow flexors are worked! Your elbow flexors also function as supinators, so rotating your wrist and forearm during the curl instead of at the bottom will engage that function.


Overhead cable curl


An overhead cable curl's front double biceps pose is a great drill to help you develop your strength. Alternate between both cables, or do both at once! Now stop reading, go out and start pumping those guns, son!

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