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Why Training Your Glutes Is So Good For You

There’s no denying that a good set of glutes is something many of us strive for. However, the benefits of having strong glutes can’t be overestimated. Having a strong, toned booty doesn’t just look amazing, but it provides a whole host of benefits that you probably haven’t even thought about. Consistent glute training can have a variety of positive effects on your training and everyday life. Take a look at just some of the perks here.

1. Athletic performance

The muscles that make up your gluteals (Maximus, medius and minimus) are some of the biggest and strongest in your body. When properly trained, they can help to improve your overall athletic performance in a lot of ways. Athletes who have strong glutes tend to be more explosive and faster in their movements than those with weak gluteals.

Considering that the glutes are directly responsible for movements such as changing directions, accelerating, decelerating and explosive force, it’s no surprise that strong glutes carry over into improved overall athletic performance. This improved athletic performance also contributes to strengthening your other exercises. Strong glutes generally lead to being able to perform other movements and exercises better.

Athletes that have strong glutes are often able to run faster, jump higher and cycle faster than their counterparts with weaker glutes.

2. Improved posture

As a consequence of so many of us sitting at desks for hours and hours a day, many of us suffer from poor posture. We often have shortened hip flexors, weak and usually over-stretched hip extensors, and glutes that have forgotten how to activate correctly. This all leads to poor posture, excessive slouching, and a torso and shoulders that aren’t in their correct position.

Strong glutes help combat this poor posture by stretching out your opposing hip flexors and ensuring that your body is aligned correctly. Exercise such as lunges, squats and deadlifts can help to ensure that your posture is improved and supported by strong gluteal muscles.

3. Injury prevention

Injury prevention is one of the biggest benefits of regularly training your glutes. As your glutes are one of the main supporting muscles for your lower back, weak gluteal muscles can lead to a higher chance of serious lower back injuries. Weak glutes often lead to other supporting muscles attempting to take over the job of supporting your back and spine. However, due to the fact that these muscles weren't designed for the job of supporting your lower back and performing hip extension, they can quickly become stressed and overworked. This can lead to hip and knee pain as well as compression of your lumbar spine, just to name a few possible injuries.

Strong glutes ensure that not only can they perform hip extension properly, but they also take the pressure off your lower back.

4. Train in the right clothing

When it comes to the lower body, glute training and leg day, training in the right gear is pivotal to ensuring that you get the most out of your gym session. Choosing the right gym shorts and training shorts is important. Opt for gym gear that is comfortable, doesn’t restrict your movement, is breathable, and you feel confident in.

Whether you’re looking for the best running shorts for runners, the best workout clothes for men or woman's training shorts and leggings, we have you sorted. With the right gym clothing, you can smash out a workout and feel amazing knowing that not only does your booty look amazing, but your strong glutes are providing you with a whole bunch of positive benefits.

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